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Picture above drawn by me!

.Oro-tan.Stamp. by WinterCupcake
SarsandRum Stamp by CaptainOro
Alois and Ciel stamp - lick by JulesieAlois x Ciel Stamp 5 by cakoir
A Peaceful Resolution Of Two Empires by CaptainOroAl-Cid Margrace Stamp by CaptainOro
Final Fantasy IX by darkdisciple-stampsFinal Fantasy X by darkdisciple-stampsFinal Fantasy XII logo stamp by TheNightMaster
026-1 Raichu Stamp by PokestampsInuYasha SIT Stamp by MegophoneSindaru by CaptainOro
Yu Yu Hakusho Stamp 4 by DAS-StampYuusuke x Hiei Stamp by yoshimiU23Layton x Luke Group Icon by Yami-Chii
Christmas Colored [ N Harmonia x Silver ] by CaptainOroDraco Malfoy Stamp II by jibirelleOriginalShipping Stamp by S-Laughtur
Tahno x Korra Stamp 2 by SummerLovesPeaceCode Lyoko Stamp by WildSpiritWolf'Project K' Stamp by EvilSmartie
Space Channel 5 Fan Stamp by Rhythm-WilyUlala by Miss-Dicess
Animal Crossing New Leaf Stamp by XxAmyxXx
Joshua Stamp by Seasalticee

Commissions are currently: Open!
Please read through the details and send me 
a note if you're at all interested! 

1. :iconsarsbot: - 2 Couple Halfbodies

How to Order

Note me the following info:
Character: Name + picture references
(written out detailed references are also accepted!)

Style: pick from the list below please,
or link me to a picture from my gallery.

Notes: What I should keep in mind when drawing them
(personality, quirks, mannerisms, etc.)

I will reply to tell you:
1) if I accepted the order
2) if accepted: my paypal email
3) the price of the order, adjusted for detail

Sending Money

When  using your paypal to send money for the commission,
please select "I am paying for goods or services" 
(Or you can select sending money to friends or family,
just do not put 'for commission' or you might get in trouble.)

Please also pay attention and accept the paypal
fees so that I do not get them. If you are paying me $20 
for a commission and you don't accept the charges, I will
only receive about $18, which will make me have to bother
you for the rest, so please just accept
the charges the first time as it is just easier!

Do's and Don'ts

:bulletgreen: Shonen Ai/Slash/Yaoi
:bulletgreen: Shoujo Ai/Slash/Yuri
:bulletgreen: Hentai
:bulletgreen: Detailed clothing
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Canon Character x OC
:bulletgreen: Characters from Written out descriptions
(If you lack a photo reference!)
:bulletgreen: I will also help you design your OC if you wish!

:bulletred: Furries (Though ears and tails are fine!)
:bulletred: Mecha
:bulletred: Too much Clutter

Additional Notes

If you are using a paypal account, it must be your own.
You cannot use your parent's paypal account, I'm sure
you have heard about the chargeback issue that's
been going around, if not, you can read about it here:

Chargeback issue

So to protect myself from any similar situations I unfortunately
must make this rule. I apologize but I can't afford to go through
what friends of mine have gone through!

 If you are buying multiple, separate images, then it is the normal price for both.
However if you want a chibi couple, it's half the normal price.

So if you want
2 full colored chibis in one picture, it would be $15 (Dependent on detail!!)

 If you want 2 full bodies in one picture, it will be double the price as these
take the longest and are the hardest for me to draw!

So a fully colored/outlined full body couple would be approximately $40,
dependent again on details.

The maximum for anything I can do is groups of 3.

I will also happily send WIPs upon request. 

If you would like you can also add my skype so that we can 
speak through there if it would be easier!

I'm a very friendly person and will do anything to satisfy my commissioners, 
so don't be afraid to approach me!


Thank you so much for your interest!

  • Listening to: Diva - Origa
  • Playing: Dynasty Warriors
  • Drinking: Sunkist


Picture above drawn by Maruchipan~
The most important people in my life.

Currently on a bit of a hiatus, check my art blog for art updates.

I'm not a really talkative person, but you're welcome to try, sometimes I respond, sometimes I don't. Don't take offense, and know I'm grateful for every comment and favorite even if I don't say so.

Skype: ParaminaTown
Tumblr: WinterButtcake is my only current blog, it is my art blog which is mostly inactive. :c
GaiaOnline: Black Hydrangeas

To Do List!

To Do List:
• Draw SphinKou.
• Draw gijinkas.
• Eventually draw some RinHaru.
• Draw Character Refs.
• Work on the Galtean Alliance.
• Get commissions.


Aug 30, 2014
9:47 am
Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 27, 2014
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Aug 27, 2014
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